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NHK Professional


NHK’s official app, Professional, is now available on your hand.You can create the masterpiece as just like the end clip of the TV program, The Professional.This is your style of work-your ryugi-movie.We eagerly await your ryugi-movie!How to use:1) Type your name and work following the guide.2) Shoot the scene you are working and your monologue.3) Type your style of work-your ryugi.After about 2-3 minutes, a short clip as just the end clip of the TV program, Professional, will be completed and stored your Photo library.
* Sending to the site of the program on NHK online, your clip may be shown on the TV show.
* Your clip is produced to the theme song of the show, Progress. This is the special version recorded in NHK TV studio in 2006.
* Available for the Android 4.1 and above.
* Users shall not engage activities against the Terms of Use when using this app.